Catholic Schools’ Week 2019

Catholic Schools Week, celebrating Catholic School
Across the Nation as we Learn. Serve. Lead. Succeed. and
Seeking Knowledge, Living Virtue, and Encountering Christ
here at Santa Sophia Academy, is the week of January 27-
February 1 and we will be sharing our good news and
celebrating the greatness of SSA with everyone after all masses
on Sunday, January 27 (and throughout the next week). We will
have an Open House in all of the classrooms that Sunday
morning and invite you to invite all of your family and friends
to come see YOUR school and child’s classroom and enjoy free
donuts at the lunch tables. We would LOVE for every family
to bring a new family that might consider SSA their new school
home for next year!!

Each day the week of January 28-February 1 holds fun
and activity for our students including Thursday night, January
31, with family night at Barnes and Noble, Rubios, and Panda
Express from 4-8pm and that Friday, February 1, with Shadow
Your Student Day for our SSA parents – plan now to join us!