“Life is a circle. The end of one journey is the beginning of the next.”

-Joseph M. Marshall

Hello Happy Hearts, my name is Mrs. René Coons, and I am a proud alumna of Santa Sophia Academy (1982), having attended kindergarten through eighth grade. As the circle of life continues to revolve, I returned to SSA over a decade ago, volunteering, aiding, and eventually teaching. Now I start the second half of my journey as a credentialed teacher so I can continue to pursue my vocation of positively shaping children’s lives.

My life was on a very different path when I entered college. It was going to be one filled with business, financials, and spreadsheets. After receiving my Bachelor of Arts degree in business administration from Loyola Marymount University, my employment life started while working for my family printing business, Vanard Lithographers, Inc. This experience inspired me to attain my Masters in Business Management from the University of San Diego. As my family grew and priorities changed, it became apparent that my children, Kaitlyn and Steven, both needed me home full time. This new freedom brought me to my children’s elementary school Santa Sophia Academy, first as a volunteer, then as a substitute teacher, teacher’s aide, and now as their eighth grade teacher. This new opportunity opened my eyes to the joy of teaching and my passion to help students reach their full potential. My dedication and love for my students can be seen daily in my positive and enthusiastic outlook. I feel blessed to have found this new vocation and I am excited to teach at my alma mater Santa Sophia Academy.

With a Happy Heart,

Mrs. René Coons